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While recognizing the importance of mission to society as a shipping company, we, Hachiuma Steamship Co.,Ltd., have been seeking to offer safe and quality services based on our skilful knowledge of marine technology. We can best contribute to the sustainable growth of international society by complying with all relevant laws, and conducting business in compliance with a code of social ethics. In support of this effort, we have developed 6 items as the "Hachiuma Steamship Co., Ltd. Business Credo" that follows.

1. Mission to Society

Being conscious of our mission conscious of our mission to society to offer safe and high-quality services as a shipping company, we shall listen carefully to the wishes of our customers, satisfy their expectations, earn their trust, and secure reasonable profits through proper business operations. At the same time, we shall comply with our shareholders' expectations in an effort to foster the development of society.

2. Safe Voyages and Global Environmental Protection

We recognize that achieving safe navigation for our vessels is our paramount task. Therefore, we shall attempt to improve existing safety measures based on international safety standards and encourage the use of safe operating techniques. We also recognize that the oceans are precious natural assets, and so we shall develop environmental policies aimed at preventing marine pollution and preserving a sound global environment.

3. Observance of All Laws and Regulations

We are aware that all commercial enterprises can rightly be termed members of society, and as such, we shall make it our principle to act fairly, observe all laws and regulations, respect the integrity of local cultures and customs, and perform our business activities in compliance with a code of social ethics.

4. Exclusion of Antisocial Activities

We shall be resolutely opposed to any antisocial individuals or organizations that threaten civil order and public safety.

5. Disclosure of Information and Communication with Society

We shall work to disclose appropriate business information in an active, timely, and fitting manner, and similarly work to communicate broadly and meaningfully with society.

6. Preservation of a Favorable Working Environment

We shall respect the diversity, personalities and individualities of our company staff members, and endeavor to maintain a favorable working environment for all.

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